Outsourcing Intervention Services frees up staff, reduces due-process risk with proven student success.


We work with districts requiring from just a few hours per week, to regular, daily tutoring in multiple classrooms across multiple schools. We make the process seamless while maintaining an individualized approach for each student.

Our collaborative approach includes:

  • Data-driven instruction
  • Improved academic growth
  • Free up your teachers and staff
  • Aligned with district curriculum
  • Prioritizing childrens unique needs
  • Reduce due process cases and risk
  • Fulfill compensatory education hours
  • Customized, hi-impact programs
  • Ongoing assessments for reporting and review
  • Math & Reading Interventions
  • Educational Therapists build lasting relationships

The last few years have been rough for children both academically and socially. Some reports show that typical children may have lost up to 70% of their educational progress during COVID. For children and young adults with disabilities, that number is only higher. Without intervention, the trajectory will only get worse.

School districts throughout the country are struggling to provide service to catch students up to where we all know they should be. But those very districts are struggling with declining teacher rates and rising due process cases as parents fight for services they know will help their child. Many teachers are burned out, and districts are struggling to find the qualified educational professionals needed to provide a free and appropriate education to all children in their care.

Now, NEAT Services can fill that need! With over 30 Educational Therapists on staff, we can provide virtual, in-home, or in-school educational therapy to those children that need support with the curriculum. This very successful program will provide districts an opportunity to stave off future due process and provide children and young adults with disabilities an opportunity to excel.

With ongoing data collection and reporting, periodic assessments, and individualized lessons, young students will gain confidence, develop independence, and make learning fun again!

Our proposal to your organization will include a plan designed for student success. Our services are flexible and are offered to provide the best outcomes. Packages include face-to-face educational therapy in your schools or hybrid programs that can bring educational therapy into homes and community centers.

Call our office at (702) 413-7437 or fill out a short information request on our Contact Page. We look forward to hearing from you.


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    We provide a range of educational services to schools and districts through virtual and in-class services! We can provide assessments, IEP design and implementation, hi-impact tutoring programs, curriculum support, and in-class and after-school programs.

    It starts with students’ success. With additional support in the classroom, teachers are freed-up to get back to their regular teaching assignments. Our clients get access to dozens of Educational Therapists.  Due-process cases go down. Costs go down. Win, win, win.

    Short answer: YES! In addition to accessing our pool of talent, our clients pay no recruiting, training, wages, accounting, or employee overhead costs. Moreover, schools free up current staff for additional savings!

    We offer the highest level of qualifications available! We do thorough background checks and ensure every individual is highly trained. Each Educational Therapist has a minimum of a master’s degree in special education,  state certification, and at least a decade in the classroom working with children and young adults with disabilities.

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