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Therapy horses help students

Huffington Post – Dec 22, 2018

These miniature therapy horses are basically magical creatures. One of them is even named Magic.

Magic, who often wears a custom tuxedo, made Time magazine’s list of the top 10 heroic animals in history — here’s Time’s explanation for what earned this special little horse her spot:

“Magic went to visit a patient who had lived in an assisted-living facility and hadn’t spoken to anyone during her three years there. But the moment she laid eyes on Magic, she said, ‘Isn’t she beautiful?’”

It was a moment that changed this woman’s life and was deeply affecting for the people who’d been caring for her, as well.

“The activities director was so surprised to hear the woman speak that she began to cry. She told the woman that she loved her. ‘I love you too,’ was the answer, her first sentence to another person in all that time,” Debbie Garcia-Bengochea, co-founder of Gentle Carousel Miniature Therapy Horses, said. “Magic always seems to find the person in the room who needs her the most. READ MORE (Link to site https://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/miniature-therapy-horses_us_55f97258e4b0b48f67015c84 )

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