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Virtual Tutoring

Affordable & Effective Online Tutoring with the Industry Leaders in Educational Therapy

For children today, learning online is second nature…they are probably already digital natives. Despite their digital fluency, many children struggle with virtual or hybrid learning, especially children with attention issues or those that may need additional assistance.

With the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, many school districts have imposed a distance-learning format for curriculum delivery. And many children are struggling.

Virtual tutoring offers the same possibilities as learning in person. There is nothing more effective than face-to-face tutoring, and using a webcam means that tutors can still see when a child is struggling and show enthusiasm and encouragement when they need it. Furthermore, you don’t need to compromise on the skillset of the teacher or whether your child gets along with them…you have the opportunity to find the perfect tutor for your child and ensure that they will always be available for your sessions.

The benefits of online tutoring include:

Master Educators
We Guaranteed Success
Any Curriculum, Any Subject
Relationship Building
Project-Based Learning
Homework Help
Ongoing Assessing and Testing
Academic Success

Virtual Tutoring Is Now Affordable! Results GUARANTEED!

Many of our competitors are asking $60, $80, even $100 an hour for 1-on-1 virtual tutoring. Forget that! We offer financial assistance and grants and can bring your price down to less than $40 an hour…with a master educator!

The Convenience of Virtual Tutoring

Online tutoring provides convenient access for distance learners and is more flexible than your traditional brick-and-mortar tutoring.

The Flexibility of  Virtual Tutoring

Students can use more hours of tutoring when needed and take as much time as they need to reach the required level of competency. This is especially helpful for students who may require additional help or time to complete assignments

Long-term Benefits of  Virtual Tutoring

Studies show that once children begin to fall behind academically, they rarely catch up. Staying in “learning mode” is important, and long breaks from school are not good.

And Immediate Feedback!

Virtual tutoring with NEAT Services provides students and families with immediate and consistent feedback—they will give details on the performance and improvements made by your child, as well as what has been covered in the session.

This valuable information can be transferred to your child’s classroom teachers so that they are aware of the progress your child is making.

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