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Online Tutoring

If schools in your local district aren't meeting your child's academic needs, you do have a choice.

When most people think of tutoring it stirs up ideas of transporting their child to and from somewhere, and then for their child to spend the next hour focusing on a specific subject area to help drive their grades up. Or visions of a tutor coming into their home while your child sits quietly while distracted by everything going on in the home.

While the idea of learning through the web may strike you as strange, this is second nature to most children…they are probably already digital natives. Despite the proven benefits, tutoring can be invasive to family life and time-consuming, and good tutors – who your child gets along with, who are willing to make the journey to your house, and are up to date with special education techniques and curriculum – are hard to come by.

Perhaps the most beneficial factor of online tutoring is that it offers the same possibilities as learning in person. There is nothing more effective than face-to-face tutoring. Using a webcam means that tutors can still see when a child is struggling and show enthusiasm and encouragement when they need it. Furthermore, you don’t need to compromise on the skillset of the teacher or whether your child gets along with them…you have the opportunity to find the perfect tutor for your child and ensure that they will always be available for your sessions.

With innovations in teaching and technology provided by NEAT Services, you can opt for online tutoring sessions that take place in the comfort of your own home, in front of a computer, with a real special education professional.

Convenience of Online Tutoring

Not having to travel to your tutoring session or having a tutor come into your home means that you can allow more flexibility as to when your session is, and with which tutor your child works.  Online tutoring provides convenient access for distance learners and is more flexible than your traditional brick-and-mortar tutoring, and students with disabilities who may have required accommodations in schools may, in turn, find an online tutoring format permits them the opportunity to study without special arrangements.

Flexibility of Online Tutoring

In addition to the convenience, online tutoring offers students with disabilities some benefits in terms of flexibility that may not be as readily available in a traditional format.

They also enable adaptive learning techniques, which allow students to complete activities and meet course objectives largely at their own pace and ability level. Students will be able to take as much time as they need to reach the required level of competency. This is especially helpful for students who may require additional time to complete assignments

Long-term Benefits of Online Tutoring

Online tutoring provides for a lifetime of learning that can lead to personal and professional advancement. Online tutoring can help to alleviate the link between learning difficulties and limited job opportunities by increasing technical fluency, which is one of the top skills employers look for in job candidates. Experience with learning through online tutoring could also lead to telecommuting and remote work opportunities as potential employers will feel more confident that you can work this way because you’ve already been doing it successfully as a student.

Feedback with Online Tutoring

Online tutoring with NEAT Services provides students and families with feedback—they will give details on the performance and improvements made by your child, as well as what has been covered in the session.

This valuable information can be transferred to your child’s classroom teachers so that they are aware of the progress your child is making.

Skills Learned with Online Tutoring

Possibly one of the most beneficial factors that tutoring can offer your child is helping them organize their workload and prioritize their time.

Learning difficulties and special needs don’t have to be a roadblock to a good education. To get the very best educational experience for your child, you can get started today:

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