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Virtual Online Tutoring for Every Student!

With a focus on the child, we provide virtual tutoring for students and families. Using an online format, we build academic skills, keeping children motivated and excited about learning!

Specialized Tutoring for All Abilities

With so many years of experience as professional educators, we get that every child is different, learns differently. Using our special education backgrounds, we have worked with all abilities – AD(H)D, Autism, DS, or basic learning difficulties, our educational professional can advance your child toward academic success.

Any Curriculum Accepted
Or Our Custom-Tailored Curriculum

We understand the myriad of learning platforms that are available to districts, educators, parents, and homeschoolers. As professional educators with decades of experience, we have the K-12 and beyond experience.

Technology Format...
Which Children LOVE!

Virtual educational therapy is different from simple tutoring. Our highly qualified educators find fun and interactive learning environments to build self-esteem and confidence.  We use the latest, evidence-based methods to build academic skills through creative – and familiar formats that kids love.


Step #1

Free Consultation

The first step is to reach out! To find out about our services, to ask questions, or even to pick our brains for information and advice, it all starts with you taking the first step!

Step #2

Let's Find the Right Fit!

We have over 20 educational therapists, ready to provide the exact instruction your child needs! We work with all ages - in all subjects - and we have the perfect fit for your child...on your schedule!

Step #3

Stick with it!

Research shows that children who receive tutoring services can significantly improve grade-level competence and have higher esteem and self-confidence than children who do not! Ask us how!

" When you focus on someone's disability..."

you'll overlook their abilities, beauty, and uniqueness. Once you learn to accept and love them for who they are, you subconsciously learn to love yourself unconditionally.

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