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It’s Spooky Season! Fun Ideas for a Safe 2020 Halloween

By Wendy Broder-Stock, M.Ed.

Halloween is right around the corner and we all know that no one is more excited than children to dress up in their favorite costume and go trick-or-treating in search of their favorite candy. Still, in the midst of a pandemic, many parents have questions about Halloween safety. 

In this time of uncertainty, is it safe to celebrate the holiday in the neighborhood by knocking on doors? Can we attend a trunk-or-treat event? Should we stay indoors instead? What measures should we take to keep our children safe? In our ongoing effort to provide relevant resources to the families of Nevada, we’ve put together some tips for you for this spooky season.

Trick-or-treating or trunk-or-treating are outdoor experiences and can most definitely be celebrated safely while following CDC’s guidelines. Stick closely to the basics: sanitize often, wear a mask, go out in small groups, limit contact with others, keep a safe distance, and stay home if you or your children feel feverish, are coughing, or just don’t feel well.

If you do choose to spend the evening outdoors in your neighborhood or at a social event, this is the perfect time to take advantage of creative and educational mask-wearing! Put aside the usual vampire or witch costume, think creatively about the past year, and come up with funny or creative 2020-themed ideas! Have some fun with it to help de-stress.

If you do choose to stay indoors this Halloween, there are countless fun options you can do as a family, and there is no better time than this upcoming holiday to let your educational or creative side show! Here are just a few ideas to make this Halloween a spooky – and memorable – event:

  • Consider a family-friendly Halloween movie night dressed in costumes;
  • Host a virtual costume party or pumpkin carving with friends and family;
  • Design a spooky scavenger hunt with candy and Halloween toys around the house or backyard;
  • Find creative ways to hand out of candy while socially-distancing– such as a driveway table or cauldron of candy on your porch;
  • Boo someone! Put anonymous Halloween packages together and drop them off (secretly, of course) with your neighbors and friends;
  • Organize a glow-in-the-dark egg hunt. Available on Amazon, fill plastic eggs with candies and have your kids find them in the dark;
  • Carve pumpkins with your family. It is a great sensory activity for children to touch the inside of a pumpkin, no matter how repulsive it might seem! Many children, including those on the Autism spectrum, have tactile defensiveness. Touching the inside of a pumpkin– even for a moment– is great progress!
  • Get creative and do some Halloween crafts with your children. You can make handprint ghosts, handprint bats, witches, jack-o-lanterns, etc. Craft activities not only are fun to do, but are a way for you to work on fine motor skills with  your child. There are many great ideas on Pinterest as well as other websites. Teachers Pay Teachers is another great website which offers great educational Halloween activities. 

Whether you and your family choose to spend the holiday indoors or outside, don’t let the pandemic hinder you and your family from getting your spook on!

Below are some additional resources for a safe and fun Halloween:

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